Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Great Geological Event

The Great Geological Event

National Park Iguazú was probably at first protected from a geo-political point of view. A subtropical impenetrable jungle, cascading waterfalls, and wide river of great volume became borders of three countries, Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. A natural border is more than just a simple line on a map. When two rivers like the Parana and the Iguazú converge, the natural event is of such magnitude that it has the force to create real boundaries and limitations that can not be easily crossed. These limitations are "permanent" and can not be reversed. Historically the communities that lived on each side of these great natural limits evolved to the point of becoming unique societies and Nations. Each one has their own culture and ethnicity. Each one has their language. Beyond the anthropologic and even further from the geo-political or economical, in the area of Triple Border, there is another language that is active and which is powerful. This language is the dialect of the subtropical jungle and of the phenomenon known as"The Great Waterfalls" (Cataratas). This language does not need nor require of our interpretation to exist. This living language or phenomenon is part of the same source that defined, limited and continues to shaped the region. Nourishing all the basin of fundamental waters from South Brazil to the Parana river and all the Basin of la Plata (Cuenca del Plata). Jungle and waterfalls find their origin in a lava spill that occurred millions of years ago in the Mesozoic. The great Basalt spill and the Glacial Era in conjunction with the great tectonic movements which caused the Parana Fissure of Fault. The cycle of water first Glacier, then "modern" hydrological, the ancient Iguazú river, the convergence, erosion and process of retreat of the so called Devil's Throat and the birth of the Inferior Iguazú river, have all been confirmed by science. These great geological natural phenomenons are not in danger. In fact, they are in as much danger as a Volcano is endangered by a man. However, next to this massive event that is originated with an igneous expression, Mankind is not alone. There are numerous species in the subtropical jungle. A significant number of these species are directly affected by human impact, some becoming extinct. Mankind is affecting forces beyond his comprehension. The forces affected go beyond living forces, some being Abiotic or non-living. In this Post-Jurassic park Mankind shares life with thousands of millions of species. The complex processes should be studied with depth and with the respect and humility they demand. In 2010, these generations and new generations do nothing more than to live in an immense mercy. At the edge of an "ancient volcanic land", dwells an infinite paradise.

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